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A Pond Dye Can Offer More than Just Color to Your Pond or Lake

  Lakes and ponds are some of nature’s ultimate masterpieces. They add aesthetic appeal to properties by providing picturesque landscapes and beautiful sceneries. They also have functional purposes, serving as venue to a number recreational activities such as fishing, swimming, and water skiing. However, without proper maintenance, any body of water exposed to natural elements […]

Lake Dye Benefits and How They Affect Your Property

A lake can be one of the best or worst features of a property. When they are maintained, lakes are a great location for fishing, cookouts, or sitting back and enjoying the scenery. When they are poorly maintained, though, most lakes are a forgettable sight. Their weeds and brackish water inspire visions of mosquitoes, snakes, […]

Pond Dye Removal Cleaner: Frequently Asked Questions

Concentrated pond dye is formulated to be non-staining, but if the product contacts your skin, you may need a special solution to remove the pigment it leaves. In its concentrated form, water dye can discolor several types of porous surfaces, including skin. Thankfully, eliminating the discoloration is as simple as applying a pond dye removal […]

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