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Get to Know Other Water Quality Problems

Get to Know Other Water Quality Problems Do you have a pond or lake? Here are other water quality problems you may encounter in the future Property owners and managers with freshwater ponds and lakes enjoy scenic surroundings. Freshwater makes up only 3% of the planet’s water, so it’s a rare commodity. In exchange, freshwater […]

Ponds and Lakes 101

The fresh water on our planet is a tiny 3 percent of the planet’s water reserves. Ponds and lakes make up a great deal of the earth’s fresh water supply. In order to effectively manage your ponds and lakes, take a few minutes to understand the nature of these bodies of water. Ponds and lakes […]

What Makes a Perfect Pond?

When many people picture having a pond on their property, they imagine spending a quiet afternoon fishing or swimming. In reality, the state of your pond is a function of how much time you are willing to put into it. Pond owners and those contemplating building a pond should be aware that ponds do not […]

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