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Dyeing for A Cause: Awareness Campaigns

The Susan G. Komen Foundation’s massively successful breast cancer awareness campaign has hit a new high with business incorporating pink in highly visible ways. It helps the charity’s profile when creating good public relations opportunities, often for very low cost. Wondering how your organization might get in on the trend? Here are a few examples […]

Dyeing as a Deterrent

We know that when we dye our ponds and lakes a beautiful blue shade, it beautifies our property and looks inviting to our guests. But what about those bodies of water you don’t want people to get close to? It seems there’s a dye for that issue too! In Derbyshire, England, there is a rock […]

Dyeing the Chicago River

For the past 50 years, the city of Chicago has celebrated St. Patrick’s Day in an unusual and big way: the local plumbers’ union dyes the Chicago River bright green! The tradition started quite by accident: in 1962, plumbers looking for pollution sources poured into the river too much fluorescent green dye the day before […]

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